It all started way back in the Year 2009 that is on 28th of October when Mr. M. Mathias, Advocate at High Court of New Delhi, India had suffered from acute brain haemorrhage at the age of about 80 years leading to blood clot of 234 ml and shift in brain mid-line measuring 8.5 mm. Quiet shockingly, this all happened with Mr. Mathias whose past medical history is of a diabetic patient for last about 20 years, as that of being a patient of prostate gland for 18 years and high blood pressure for over 10 years. He was operated upon at St. Stephen’s Hospital, Tees Hazari, New Delhi, India within two hours of his fall in the Wash Room. During the major surgery that was carried out for over 5 hours, the frontal and central skull bone was cut open to clear out the blood clot and about 22-25 stitches were put thereafter. Post-operatively, after regaining consciousness for 2 days, right side of his body got paralysed and he later slipped into coma. Meanwhile, as his condition deteriorated because he developed high fever measuring 105 degree, he was shifted after 15 days to Vimhans Hospital, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. Those many days, it was like all his body becoming abject pale and lifeless. The family lost hope and on 22nd of November 2009, Mr. Samir Minz, his elder son could not gather courage to go to the hospital though he was daily there at the hospital with his wife. Therefore, he stayed back at home and he had sent his wife all alone to the hospital that day to face that worst situation.

The next day, on 23rd of November 2009, Mr. Samir got up in the morning at about 5.15 hours, all of a sudden, as if he got some divinely message to contact Rev. Fr. George Karamvely who was then posted at Divine Retreat Ashram, Faridabad, Haryana, India. A Priest of Pala Diocese, State of Kerala, India, Fr George was also then Regional Chairman of North India Charismatic Renewal Movement. Mr. Samir made phone call to Fr. George at 7 am and phone call was not picked as the Father was offering the Holy Mass that time. At about 8.30a.m., Fr. George picked up the phone while Mr. Samir and his wife were already on their way to the hospital. That crucial day, Mr. Samir had left home with a very disturbed mind and with the sole purpose to question the Doctors for their unsatisfactory and poor outcome because it appeared to him as if the Doctors were simply raising the hospital bills but had no trusted treatment. The talk with Fr. George and immediate interceding prayers that was done changed his mind set completely. Mr. Samir had then requested father to visit the hospital and to do the healing prayer for his Papa because he was not responding to any of the treatments given to him and as his condition was badly deteriorating day by day.

With a strong commitment and mighty force of faith and belief, Mr. Samir pleaded with the father saying that as it had happened with Lazarus over 2000 years ago; for whom his two sisters could pray to the Lord Jesus to bring back Lazarus from his death, this could even happen to his Papa and that only the prayers done by a saintly priest will surely work wonders that moment. Mr. Samir further told father that however, he felt that the Lord would not listen to his prayer that time again as it was being done for the first time in that prayerful manner. He further told father that with the grace of the Almighty, he became a State Civil Service Officer and he was posted to work as Sub Divisional Magistrate of Delhi, Registrar of Christian Marriages and Dy. Commissioner etc. but he still miserably failed in his faith and say thank you to the Lord for all those abundant blessings he had received in his past life. Never-ever before, he had known the true Lord and worshipped lord in the right manner. He also shared that he had just wasted most of his time busy enjoying with his status.

Fr. George then assured Mr. Samir that he will surely visit the hospital and do the healing prayer the same day though he had no vehicle to reach as the staff car Driver was suffering from Dengue Fever. The father told that even if there was no arrangement, he will still reach the hospital by a public transport vehicle. Mr. Samir further tells that on his way to the Hospital with his wife, he had learnt to pray to the Lord for the first time that he could never do it before in his life. They stopped the Car midway, prayed to the Lord in the Car with both their hands joined and then finally reached the hospital. The result of his prayer was so instant that on reaching the hospital, the Head of Department visited the room with completely a different mindset. Whereas, at the time of previous visits, the HOD was accompanied by a fleet of Doctors and Para Medical Staff but that morning he came all alone. The HOD said he was there to discuss and decide about the future course of treatment and that he will not allow Mr. Mathias to lie down more in such a pathetic state of affair.

It was then decided instantly by the HOD to do the following procedures:

(i) (i) to drain out about 300 ml. Cerebral Spinal fluid excess deposit in a external ventricular drain(EVD) plastic bag from the brain lobes through lumbar puncture procedure for 3 days

(ii) or to puncture the brain and put a EVD plastic bag out there to drain out 300 ml. Cerebral Spinal fluid excess deposit for 3 days

(iii) or to finally opt for major re-surgery that was the only last option left though it was at the cost of high risk to his life.

The Doctor left the room saying that he will send the Consent Form soon and ask the OT staff to shift Papa to the Operation Theatre but Mr. Samir did not agree to that saying that firstly, the healing prayer will be done and then only, the new treatment would follow. Few hours later, Fr. George rang up to tell that he was there at the Hospital Gate to do the healing prayer for Mr. Mathias. At the same very moment, the door of the Room was knocked by the OT staff who came with the Stretcher inside to shift Papa to the Operation Theatre. Mr. Samir who then squarely depended on the healing prayer, therefore, stopped the OT staff from shifting Papa from the Room. Mr. Samir asked his wife not to allow the OT staff to shift Papa to the OT till Fr. George was brought by him to the Room. That day, Mr. Babu, the key board player at the Ashram had also come with father as he drove the Car. The faith of Mr. Samir was so much so strong that day that he even went to call Mr. Babu from the Car who was then waiting inside the Car at the Parking Area and requested him to join them in the prayer and as Mathew 18: 20 says “for where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them”

Soon after entering the Room, Fr. George started the healing prayer saying “Hey Prabhu Yesu”(O Lord Jesus) and it was then witnessed that the hospital Room was all full with heavy light and that Room was like air-tight as if it was filled with Holy Spirit all over. As father concluded with the healing prayer, he smilingly told Mr. Samir that his Papa had been blessed by Lord Jesus and Papa will remain safe at the hands of the Almighty and that Mr. Samir will get chance to serve his Papa.

Hardly, after 20 minutes of the healing prayer when Mr. Samir reached the ICU after saying goodbye to Fr. George, he saw his wife sitting on the iron stool outside the ICU with shawl tied around her face though it was not that chilling winter. On making the enquiry, his wife informed that while the healing prayer was being done, she felt deep shivering and she also felt as if she had taken bath in chilled water. Both of them then shared their personal experiences and by then, they had realized that due to the pouring of the Holy Spirit, all the negativity may have got washed away and that the bad omen was all over and instead it was a grand new beginning in their lives.

Mrs. Neelam Carls Dey, wife of Mr. Samir Minz looked quite overwhelmed while she shared the good news and informed that Papa had come out from the stage of Coma after 22 days and he had opened his eyes and he started crying. That was a great miracle. And as it had happened with Lazarus over 2000 years ago when Lord Jesus brought him back to life, it happened with Mr. Mathias. Likewise, he did with Papa through the deliverance and healing prayers done by Fr. George Karemvely, a Saintly Priest whom now this family calls him as “GURU” as through him only, now they have known GOD. The family now accepts Rev. Fr. George Karemvely to be their Spiritual Director. The family remains grateful to the Lord for this precious Gift of God, the divinely source of blessings and their spiritual strength that helps them to do more and more evangelisation work tirelessly.

Seeing all that, the Doctor present there in the OT asked his wife to leave Papa alone. The staff nurse then handed over a Paper Napkin to his wife telling her to wipe Papa’s tears and leave the OT at once as in such cases, there becomes a possibility that such patients tend to slip into coma again due to anxiety or other reasons. Amazingly, this was all a great wonder and result of prayers of the whole family that was witnessed by Mr. Samir Minz, Mrs. Neelam Carls Dey(wife), Master Abhishek Carls (son) and Miss Nelisa Carls (daughter) through their own eyes. The two daughters and other sons of Mr. Mathias later joined those moments of joy and happiness with their families and thanked Lord Jesus in their own ways.

It is still witnessed that there are cases where such patients remain lying in state of Coma for long years, may be 5 to 10 years as many of us have seen them but this was a big miracle and grace of the Lord Jesus, our Saviour.


This miracle of Lord Jesus made a grand new beginning in their lives. Mr. Samir with his wife and children alongwith his younger brother in law (sister’s husband) went to the Divine Retreat Ashram, Faridabad, Haryana, India to say “Thank You” to the Lord of miracles leaving back their Papa in the Hospital and to return back to the hospital, the same evening. But it was all Lord’s plan that incidentally they happened to meet Mr. Babu. As the three day residential retreat was going on, Mr. Samir requested Mr. Babu not to inform Fr. George because of his preoccupation with the Retreat Programmes but Mr. Babu rushed to the Father’s Room to tell him that the family was there in the Ashram complex. Fr. George was seen coming down from the first floor quite joyfully and he took the family to one of the Rooms in the Ashram. It was then suggested by Fr. George that the family should stay back and attend remaining two days retreat and share their testimony. It was in itself something unusual that while his Papa was still admitted in the hospital, the family stayed back and attended the two days retreat.

It was on the night of 28th of November 2009, which was a Saturday and second last day of the residential retreat that lot many testimonies were shared during the Testimony Session. There was a gathering of about 200 participants and the program schedule for the next night vigil was announced. It was asked by Fr. George that as to how many of the participants would bring 5 persons with them to the next night vigil and hardly, 2 participants raised their hands. It was then asked that as to how many of the participants would bring 4 persons with them and hardly, 3 participants raised their hands. It was then asked that as to how many of the participants would bring 3 persons with them and hardly, 4 participants could raise their hands. It was then asked that as to how many participants would bring 2 persons with them and hardly, 6 participants could raise their hands. It was finally asked, as to how many would bring at least 1 person with them and hardly, 16 persons could raise their hands. Thus, it was a cumulative total of just 62 persons assured by about gathering of 200 participants.

It was at that very moment that the appeal made by father also touched Mr. Samir as he was one of the two participants who had raised their hands promising to take 5 persons to the forthcoming night vigil. Instantly, it came to his mind that if he feels, he is somewhat socially strong in the society, now that was the right time to explore his capability and to use it whole heartedly for the service of the Lord who had given a new life to his Papa. He realized that he could begin to do something uncommon and special for the Lord as the Lord has done uncommon and special in his life.


Since then, the thought of doing something for the lord was just working day and night in the minds, all those days. The next Night Vigil Retreat at Divine Retreat Ashram, Faridabad, India was fixed for 5th of December, 2009 that was a first Saturday. The day of Night Vigil had come but no arrangement whatsoever was made by Mr. Samir to take 5 people with him. It was all like Lord’s Will that his brother in law with his wife and daughter visited his house that day to meet Papa after his discharge from the hospital. The testimony was shared with them. Two more non-christian family friends also visited the house in the afternoon to meet Papa and the testimony was shared with them also. All five of them were so much so deeply touched by the testimony that they instantly decided to accompany his family for the Night Vigil and they also went to attend the Night Vigil Retreat straight from Mr Samir’s house. This was all something automatic and work of the Holy Spirit. Thus, his commitment to take 5 persons turned into a reality with intervention of the Holy Spirit. That worked out to be a source of strong inspiration for Mr. Samir and it had made him also believe that the true Lord had fully accepted his offering to add people to the Lord from his family savings. The Word of God says in Deuteronomy Chap 14:22 – “Thou shalt truly tithe all the increase of thy seed, that the field bringeth forth year by year”. Mr. Samir had by then made firm commitment to the Lord and taken a pledge that throughout the life, the family will serve as mere Servants of Jesus and take people to him who are weary, forsaken, weak and heavy laden to bear witness to the miracles of lord. This was how the family started visiting different churches, prayer centres, orphanage and old age homes, hospitals, work places and talked to everyone around and also to the people in their social contacts. They started sharing their testimony and Word of God with everyone they met in their daily life and suggested everyone to hear Word of God, may be only once, to see miracles in their lives too. That was all being abundantly blessed with the intercession of the Holy Spirit as to with every person whom they shared the testimony; it had resulted in multiplying the believers/visitors to the Lord every month and adding souls to the Almighty. One old instance and testimony is shared here as the daughter of Mr. Samir who was then only 7 years old shared the testimony of her Grand Father with her School Van Driver, class friends and also with her school teacher who had lost her husband and thus, the small child could also able to take 16 new people to the Lord on one 2nd Saturday in year 2010. Likewise, the small group of volunteers of this Ministry visited different places. This is how, the buses grew in numbers and the relatives and friends from all faiths joined this spiritual fest every month and they also offered contributions.

On the 2nd Saturday of January 2010, first two buses carrying 124 people from all faiths were taken to the day’s convention which was followed by 4 buses in the month of February 2010, 6 buses in the month of March, 9 buses in the month of April 2010 and the number of buses kept on multiplying so on so forth. It worked miraculously adding more and more people to the Lord every month. With Lord’s Grace, it was something unnatural that the family was blessed to take 26 buses on a single day for 2nd Saturday Convention in the month of July 2010 from all parts of Delhi and neighbouring states of U.P. and Haryana as well. That very day, there were about 1450 people belonging to different faiths and communities. The family enjoyed taking these many large people on a single day as they were also served breakfast in all the buses like previous occassions. Out of those 26 buses, 6 buses were arranged from remote villages of Baghpat, U.P. (India) which is about 110 kms far off from the Ashram and the travelling time taken was over 5 hours. This was all like something impossible with handful of Volunteers from all faiths who were called as “Prabhu Bhaktas” (Worshippers of Lord). It was also much of Lord’s blessings as even a 13 year old son of Mr. Samir also became a small Prabhu Bhakt and he took full responsibility to manage the operation of few buses and made arrangements for procuring and packing of the food packets for breakfast and he gladly enjoyed to work as a mere labourer every month for these two tasks which were part of the evangelisation work taken up by the family every month. It was a grand day for the family to bear witness to lot many testimonies that day which the family will never forget.

Two years later, in November 2011, his Papa was admitted due to problem of Dementia and Parkinson disease at Vimhans Hospital, New Delhi and his condition had worsened again. It was again coma like situation and the doctors had advised to take him home. That was such a crucial moment and the faith of the family had got almost shaken and the family was unable to accept that. The family felt that though they were then working whole heartedly for the Lord but why did their services remain un-acceptable as hardly 2 years of life span was given to their Papa by then. The prayers were immediately answered as it came to their mind to take a bold decision to get Papa admitted to some other hospital.

Mr. Mathias was shifted to Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi (India) but he slipped into coma again. He stopped taking food and medicines and the doctor decided to go for surgery to drain out the Cerebral Spinal fluid excess deposit from the brain. The body became pale and his neck had got stiffen. The consent form was given to the family. However, this time too, the family decided to leave it to the might of the Lord. The consent form was not signed and the doctor was informed that the family would need two days time to make up their mind. Meanwhile, the family contacted Fr. George and requested him to visit the hospital and do the healing prayer. The healing prayer was done in the noon time. This was all Lord’s plan and the miracle of Lord Jesus was witnessed again as Mr. Mathias came out from the state of Coma and he opened his eyes the same evening and his body responded to the intake of food and medicines. He was later discharged from the hospital and the family again thanked the Lord wholeheartedly.


Now, it is all the more important to share, as to what all more blessings have been witnessed in the later years. It is but natural that everyone would put many simple Questions about the present status of health of Mr. Mathias. This would be relating to his chronic diseases like diabetes, prostate gland, high blood pressure and post surgery diseases and problems like ½ body paralytic attack, dementia and Parkinson etc.

Everyone thus put simple Queries but rightly asks?

1.   Whether he is keeping a good health or not?
2.   Whether he is still a diabetic patient?
3.   Whether he is still a patient of prostate gland?
4. Whether he is still a patient of high blood pressure?
5.   Whether he is still suffering from paralysis?
6.   Whether he is still suffering from Parkinson?
7. Whether he has come out from the stage of dementia?
8.   Whether he is able to recognize a person?
9.   Whether he is able to understand in a normal manner?
10. Whether he is able to talk in a normal manner?
11. Whether he is able to walk in a normal manner?
12. Whether he is able to sit in a normal manner?
13. Whether he is able to hear properly?
14. Whether his eyesight is normal?
15. Whether he takes normal food?
16. Whether he takes normal sleep?

And, in reply to all the above 16 Questions, Mr. Samir and Mrs. Neelam and their two children smilingly say that “Yes” Papa is able to say “ALLELUIA” and “THANK YOU JESUS”, not only once but any number of times. They then add on with praises and bouquet of thanks to the Lord and tell everyone that their Papa is fine and the answer is a big yes. The family remains quite happy while they share to tell everyone that however, they need to assist their Papa in the washroom and while they make him walk with support owing to his old age factor. Though, the family adds by saying; yes, of course, Papa is given no. of medicines daily as per the medical advice to keep him in good health and that all his medical reports are normal. The family promptly invites everyone to visit their house to bear witness to this miracle of the true Lord. The family is happy to share that hundreds of friends and unknown people belonging to all faiths with which this family had shared the testimony had visited their house and glorified the almighty.

This is how, the Lord is working wonders as then most of these friends and people tend to develop faith in the Lord of miracle and they also go to attend Prayer Services, also to unburden their loads of worries and pains. Now, taking people every month to Prayer Conventions/Charismatic Retreat Centres through this ministry has become a regular feature.