To identify and develop contact with every broken heart to provide free travelling facility who intends going to a Prayer Convention/Charismatic Retreat Centre but do not have resources. To reach the helpless, hopeless ones, the poor and the needy who want to hear the Word of God. In the following ways and actions, this Ministry strives to work in every part, where such assistance/services are required:

1. Free travel facility to take people to different Prayer Conventions/Prayers Centers/ Retreat Centers

2. Taking those people who have lost hope in life

3. Patients/relatives of patients who foresee less chances of recovery but firmly look forward to mercy of the Lord are taken.

4. To provide assistance to the existing prayer groups/centers which are not able to function smoothly due to lack of resources

5. To identify and work in the remote areas, hilly areas, tribal areas where travelling time is 2-3 days time.

6. To work for wider publicity of Prayer Conventions/Prayer Centers/Retreat Programs

7. Setting up of temporary Shed/Pandal for retreats/conventions in remote areas

8. Organizing small Prayer Groups

9. Organizing 2-3 big conventions every year in remote areas/other areas

10. Extensive cleaning of Prayer Centres and Retreat Centres on request

11. Publication of monthly magazine titled “My Testimony- My Pledge” that will mention commitment made by a believer as a token of his thanksgiving to the Lord

12. Organising Music Ministry in Rural Areas

13. Setting up of Bible Learning House

14. Imparting Bible Coaching at Home

15. Spiritual Counseling

16. Payment of Participation Fees for Residential Retreats who are unable to bear the expenses