(Taking People to the Lord)

Reaching Jesus is a Ministry that provides free travelling facility to the people of all faiths who intend reaching Jesus. There has to be a divinely call and a source. In this way, a believer works to add a believer to the Lord and this work is done by our Ministry. A Sheep has to add a Sheep to the Lord daily and this is our vision. “The Lord’s Power was with them and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.”- Acts 11:21. This message was received by us on 1st of January, Year 2010. This Ministry takes people to the Lord, to hear the Word of God and bear witness to the miracles that are still being witnessed even after 2000 years.

There are Prayers Centres and Retreat Centres working 24 x 7 all over the World but certainly, a person living next door to any of these Prayer Towers, Prayer Centres, Retreat Centres may not finally enter one, on his own, because surely there has to be an intervention of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Answered- “ I assure you that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to the hill, Go from here to there! And it will go. You could do anything!”- Mathew 17:20. And to have such a faith, there has to be intervention of the Holy Spirit and with the sole guidance of the Holy Spirit, a human person may sometimes require; also a human guide to share Word of God with him and to bridge between him and the Lord.

Reaching Jesus had been working for this mission since month of January, Year 2010. Be it from any faith, over 20400 people loaded with their broken hearts and shattered hopes had been taken to different Retreat Centres and Prayer Conventions/ Prayer Centres in buses and through other means of transport and large number of them had witnessed miracles of Lord Jesus in their lives.

As word of God says in (Isaiah 49:5)
“Before I was born, the Lord appointed me; he made me his servant to bring back his people.”

Jesus is the true God and God of Miracles. As Jesus performed miracles way back over 2000 years back, we bear witness to the miracles of Jesus that takes place and happen in the name of Jesus in the life of a believer even today but who fully surrenders himself to Jesus. Large number of miracles is also witnessed at the Charismatic Retreat Centres and Prayer Conventions being held all over. Today, Charismatic Renewal Movement is spreading the Word of God, amain, in the whole World and working well–founded, to take people nearer to the Lord so as to experience his lively presence. Around the World, there are large numbers of Charismatic Retreat Centres and Prayer Conventions/Prayer Centres but majority of people are yet lost in their pains, troubles, sufferings, miseries of life and they remain unaware about the miracles being witnessed at one of the nearest Prayer Centre that may have also worked wonders in their lives and changed their lives. A Prayer Centre/Retreat Centre also helps to know Lord Jesus closely, helps to receive the blessings of the Holy Spirit and bear witness through physical and spiritual healing, finally to know the Word of God. A Prayer Convention is a School like Institution that guides and motivates one; it helps to learn, to join both hands and pray to the lord with both eyes closed. This Ministry thus works to act as a bridge for the people who intend visiting Jesus for the first time and work to be a permanent source for their future visits. Everywhere, there are people who have heard about Jesus but still find no means, sources to lead them and to assist them to reach Jesus. In many parts of the World, there are such far off places in the interiors, miles away from these Retreat Centres/Prayer Conventions/ Prayer Centres wherefrom it takes days together to reach those places of worship. Such interested people but have no sufficient money and means to afford to reach these Retreat Centres and Prayer Conventions/Prayer Centres and this Ministry works for this and helps them to reach Jesus.