Lord has done for you. Now, it is your turn to do. It is a thought for self introspection. Raise a simple question to yourself. You may ask so; when Lord does for everyone but who will come forward to do for the Lord ? Certainly, his work is to be done by none other but a human person.

Our lord is a Redeemer and a Rescuer and wherefrom the Redeemer Lord will find his committed flock that has taken a Pledge. When you share your testimony, share your commitment always. As a token of love and bouquet of thanks to the Lord Jesus for his day to day blessings and for answering your prayers through miracles, a pledge ought to be taken at any point of time during your life span. That can be a bigger one or even be a smaller one and that has to be, to do the work of lord, in any manner whatsoever. Remember, every believer has to be an Evangelist. Thus, also remember, not only to share/put your testimony but also put word of your personal commitment for the Lord. Share Pledge that you have taken because only then, your sharing of testimony will become more meaningful; a strong source of learning and inspiration for millions of other believers. Use therefore, this link.

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